Theatre gives a voice to people affected by dementia

For the first time in the UK, people living with dementia, their loved ones, and professional carers will take to the stage to share their extraordinary stories with an audience.

Venue: Chapter Theatre, Cardiff
Online: Available to watch for FREE live & online anywhere in the world
Dates: 20th-22nd November @ 8pm

Cast: The cast of Memoria includes three people diagnosed with dementia, carers of loved ones with dementia and a care home manager.
This groundbreaking performance will lift the lid on the emotional, surreal, and at times, humorous journey of those affected by one of society’s greatest challenges.


On Sunday the Waterloo Tearoom was packed for an evening of True Stories Told Live, marking the end of the third Penarth Book Festival.

Jane started us off with a very moving story that involved cats, cleaning and a very special cushion. The deep significance of the cushion emerged at the end of a brilliant and brave account of traumatic childhood events.

Betty (who refused to sleep with Dylan Thomas) told us about a highly unorthodox encounter with the Inland Revenue in St Ives during her time as a potter in the 1960s. Let’s just say that the tax inspector got to see more of Betty than Dylan did.

Bella then confessed to a disastrous illicit smoking session which she described vividly and re-enacted hilariously with props. Membership of a much less enjoyable Mile High Club was in order it seems.

Mike’s story around miscommunication and its consequences, ended with a plea to us all to contemplate what is meant by a sandwich. Also what is meant by a thing, indeed what are meant by the boundaries between things? It was all very funny and at the same time deeply troubling.

All in all it was a rollercoaster ride of emotion, humour, sex, law breaking and philosophy – exactly what we have come to expect from an evening of true stories told live.

Thanks again to all the storytellers for sharing their tales and thanks to our audience for listening so carefully. Please register your interest for a future event especially if you would like to tell a story. It would be great to have a more regular night.

All the best
Steve and Maria

True Stories will be closing the third annual Penarth Book Festival tonight at the Waterloo Tea Rooms in Penarth. We have four true stories ready to go and I am informed that the event is fully booked. There may be a few spaces left but we can’t promise a seat. If you really want to attend but haven’t booked then your best hope is to get there early. Stories start at 7:30pm.


We will be holding an event as part of the Penarth Book Festival at the Waterloo Tea Rooms in the Washington Gallery building. Door open at 7:00 stories start at 7:30, drinks and cakes available before and after.This will be a free but ticketed event. See for more details or contact Griffin Books, Penarth on 029 2070 6455

Penarth Woodcraft Folk proudly present a special screening of The Rochdale Pioneers

True Stories veteran and Woodcraft Folk stalwart Marc Buehner has arranged a showing of this dramatic account of the birth of the co-operative movement. A timely reminder of why such organisations came into being and well worth a watch. A nice way to spend a sunny Sunday – stroll on the refurbished pier, eat an ice cream and then relax in the lovely new cinema. Tickets £6.00

We will be holding an event as part of the Penarth Book Festival this weekend at the new Waterloo Tea Rooms in the Washington Gallery building. Stories start at 7:30, drinks and cakes available before hand.

Betty , Jane, Phil and Andrew are each ready to tell you a story and are well aware that they must be true, told without notes and last no more than 15 minutes.

Sorry about the short notice, hope some of you can make it




Hello everyone, apparently tomorrows event at Chapter is now fully booked. There may be a handful of spaces but I’m afraid you would have to turn up (7pm)  and take your chances.

cheers Steve